Keep these 24 hour hotline numbers handy:

911 Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance)
1-800-799-7233 National Domestic Violence Hotline
972-276-0057 Hope’s Door New Beginning Center
214-823-4434 Mosaic Family Services
972-880-4192 Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation
214-941-1991 The Family Place
214-946-4357 Genesis Women’s Shelter
1-800-886-7273 Turning Point Rape Crisis Center

Are you or your children:

  • Ridiculed, put down, made fun of or belittled, verbally attacked or accused?
  • Not free to come and go as you please, isolated from family or friends?
  • Spied on, followed, or harassed?
  • Forced to have sex against your will?
  • Refused help when you are sick or injured?
  • Restricted financially?
  • Pushed, shoved, slapped, kicked, punched, strangled, or threatened with a weapon?
  • Are your pets being abused, beaten?

What you can do to help protect yourself, your children, your pets:

  • Call 911 if you need immediate help.
  • If you are injured, go to a hospital, emergency room or doctor. Report what happened to you. Take photos, document your visit, & keep any evidence of physical abuse.
  • Know where you can go for help and tell someone what is happening to you. Have the phone numbers of friends, relatives and domestic violence programs with you.
  • Arrange a signal with a trustworthy neighbor.
  • Keep important items w/someone you trust: spare set of keys, birth certificates, immunization records, social security cards, some money, an extra set of clothes, passports, insurance papers, prescriptions, driver’s license, checkbook, and food stamps.
  • Plan the safest time to get away.

You can also search for local assistance services on